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a.k.a Kory Anders
Played by Kory who is Offline
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: August 14th
Type: Tamaranean
Series: New Earth - Prime Earth
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Born Koriand'r princess and heir to the planet Tamaran. Daughter to King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r. She was also the second out of three born. The tamaranean race have the ability to absorb solar energy in their skin which allows them flight. Unfortunately Komand'r Kory's older sister was born of an illness which didn't allow her the flight so commonly expected of her. Adding to her unpleasant nature in this joyous race, Komand'r was striped of being heir to the throne. The position then moved to Koriand'r who was able to fly and whom the planet welcomed to be their future queen. Through the love of Koriand'r shown by her people and their hatred shown towards Komand'r. A rival between the two sisters was born and it only seem to grow.

When both sisters came of age they were sent to the warlords of Okaara for combat training. During there time here, Komand'r took the rivalry to the next step when she attempted to kill Kory, but was unsuccessful. After being expelled, Komand'r soon rallied enemies of Tamaran best known as the Citadel. Komand'r found a much high ranking position here and with lending them vital information for how to over throw Tamaran. It didn't take much for the Citadel to take Tamaran rather easy. A bargain was made if the king wished for peace, to hand over Koriand'r to them unable to ever return to Tamaran otherwise the peace would be broken. Koriand'r was barely in her teens, a young age in human ways when she was then taken and forced to serve her sister. Her master. For six years Kory suffered at her own sister's hands, whom flat out hated Kory. Even has said made the mistake of being born. Kory was tortured and raped by members of the Citadel by the words of Komand'r. Kory did fight back killing one of the rapists. Though unable to escape as she was caught and her sister sentenced Kory to die.

Before Kory's execution could be done. They were attacked by the Psions. Whom ended up capturing not only Koriand'r but Komand'r as well. The sadistic scientists put the two sisters under multiple experiments, both cruel and brutal. Trying to see just how much energy the two of them could take before their bodies would explode. As a result Koriand'r is able to use starbolts. These also allowed her to escape her restraints. Freeing also her sister whom instead of thanking Koriand'r struck her down whom had absorbed more energy caused her to have stronger starbolts and it also finally allowed her flight. Komand'r then set to execute her sister once again. Kory flirting with the guard abled her to finally escape for good and steal a vessel. Kory fled to the first planet she could find. Which just happened to be Earth.

Upon her arrival she met a young team of superheroes named the Teen Titans. With first unable to communicate, The leader robin sort to try and calm the over emotional alien. Even to this day despite that lack of speech. There was something of a understanding. Robin saw right through Kory when the others saw only the destruction she accidentally created. Kory then did kiss the boy wonder much to his surprise and she very much enjoyed it. From that moment on there was always a connection in which Kory holds most dear to her heart. Upon then learning english it wasn't long after that Kory then joined the titans. Then taking on the new name of STARFIRE, dubbed by her teammates. With the Teen Titans, Kory truly found a home away from her place in Tamaran. Finding a real family she considered within her teammates and whom she would go to lengths to protect. The team was met with challenges along the years and defeated most of them. Soon there was no where else Kory would ever wish to be.
Powers and Abilities
Tamaranean Physiology:

Kory is first and foremost tamaranean, which means her entire body is constantly absorbing ultraviolet radiation which can then be converted into Energy, much like a sun does. On the outside Kory has quite a human like form as far she has the same amount of limbs, but some of her outer body traits are certainly more tamaranean such as her bright green eyes and golden skin. It is also unknown what tamaraneans breath, but it is certainly not Oxygen as Kory can quite easily fly threw space minus any device to help her breath.

Energy Absorption:

Kory for the most part absorbs her daily energy from the sun that is nearest to the planet she is on, but she can also absorb energy from other life forms who also require ultraviolet radiation.


Flying is one of the most natural traits/powers of tamaraneans and one Kory has had since she could remember, it is even possible she was flying long before she was walking, it just some naturally to her, like breathing to humans. When Kory flies she leaves quite the contrail from her long fiery hair and she can also fly with speed, which only adds to her name Starfire..


This is one power Kory wasn’t born with. When she was taken by the Psions through their extensive experiments on her Tamaranean body, it triggered this new ability. The ability to channel and project that same energy into ‘Starbolts’. Destructive and powerful, often appearing in almost orb like in shape from the palms of her golden hands, with a bright pinkish or greenish in colour. whilst she namely uses her hands she project radiation and heat from anywhere on her body if she chose to. She can also chose to release a great deal more power, but for the most part the star bolts generally seen whilst powerful are not nearly as powerfully as they or she could be. She often is holding back and if she indeed wanted to let go she could certain let all her stored energy go. To cause which would be much like a supernova, but only in desperate need as it can weaken her quite a bit.

Superhuman Durability:

Kory’s tamaranean body certainly can withstand a lot as it had done in the past when she was a slave, not that it still didn’t hurt or that she still can’t feel some level of pain. As well as she still can be shot at, but she appears for the most part be able to heal herself perhaps quicker in some aspects than others, but eventually for the better. She can also withstand most poisons and gases etc that would effect most humans, but really unknown which let alone how various un-tamaranean things can and will effect her. But for the most part Kory is a survivor in more ways than one.

Superhuman Strength:

There is no exact bench mark, but one could guess her level is near the top end of the scale. As it can take at least a handful of other super powered friends to even try to hold her back when needed. Basically there’s strong chances she can lift and throw vehicles when the odd vase is not enough.

Linguistic Assimilation:

A verily useful power that allows Kory the ability to learn other languages through physical contact such as kissing as Kory as perhaps used once upon a time. This ability extends to all serious planets and supposedly most life forms including animals.

Advanced hand-to-hand Combat:

Kory’s combat training began way back when she was still a very young princess, with the warlords of Okaara. Whilst much of her life was taken or halted when she was taken as a slave, some aspects of her combat training continued just not always in the most pleasant ways, but it certainly toughened her in some ways. When her slave days ended and she came to earth. Found friends in a team that was almost more like family, her Combat training on grew and grew. Causing her combat skills to expand from tamaranean combat, slave combat to also more earthly ways of combat. Shaping her into quite the warrior.


Kory’s training was not just hand to hand, it has also expanded to weaponry, it also started way back with the Warlords of Okaara, to have the ability to fight with and without weapons. For the most part these have been various swords, staffs and firearms, maybe some others its hard to say as it would be a variation of earth weapons and more alien weapons, but she doesn’t tend to take any weapons into battle. More strictly for training, but Kory certainly has skills to use them nonetheless.


Whilst Kory mostly flies herself around even in space, she does also have piloting experiences for alien spacecrafts. She stole and refitted the starship she had been enslaved on, the H.M.S.S Starfire. Which she had beocome commander of the ship and still technically is when ever she is in need of the ship, but currently the starship and it’s team in roaming free in space following it’s own missions at this time.


Whilst the same may not be said as far as earth medicines go, Kory still knows certain ways of healing various wounds and some illnesses, it’s unlikely a long list, but it’s likely stuff she learned as a slave when she could attempt to help others. She’s certainly no super doctor, but she can least try to help with some minor knowledge even if it stems from other regions of space. It’s not alien to her.


She’s had some skill in this from her commanding the team of her starship.


Berserker state:

Kory is a passionate being in many ways and in many emotions. This includes anger. When Kory is fuelled with anger it can cause all her powers to heightened and strengthen. Which can cause a great deal of destruction of anything around her, including what she may not intended to destroy. As she’s not entirely in control and more a loose canon so to speak.

Not so Super:

Whilst Kory is quite strong in many aspects of her powers, she still has limits though it may not be known exactly what those limits are. Though she may be super strong she isn’t the strongest. She has strong resistance, but she can still be wounded. She can still be killed.

Not quite human:

She is of course an Alien. Tamaranean. Which has gifted her greatly, but at the same time things can effect her differently than it would humans. Sometimes she reacts better and some times worse. Her knowledge is decently broad, She’s gained much from various stages of her life and from differently plains in the outer spaces, including Earth. Though no matter how much she can absorb, there is still plenty she can and needs to learn. So it is not uncommon to find she is unsure of some human ways or has at times doesn’t fully understands. Perhaps takes things and spins them a little oddly to us.


One of Kory’s greatest weakness is probably one she’d be least likely to admit to and that is denial in some aspects of her life. Mostly it draws from her past as a slave. Being a Tamaranean she is meant to be strong and strive to keep living in the moment. Whilst for the most part it is true, she is as strong and willed as she can state, but there is always that under layer that she tends to keep to herself, if not even from herself.

Loneliness and Isolation:

Kory fears being alone and being being locked away. Though fear is something tamaraneans are meant to face and overcome, so this can also manifest in levels of denial, but it certainly can spark up every now and then. She is a survivor and she will fight not to be captured again.
Her Tamaranean race has always been very in touch with their emotions. A very joyous seeking race, For Kory this is the same and she is very open to all her emotions. So when she is feeling something it can be a little heavier than others. One might want to stand clear if she is angry. Though she usually shows that to her enemies and shows great kindness to those most closest to her. She has a very high loyalty bases and it takes a lot to destroy that. She is also particularly kind to strangers and always seeking to make friends first. Though beware as she is very protective to her friends and even the innocent strangers. This loyalty and protection can make Kory forget herself. Her thoughts are usually for anyone, but herself. She lives to fight and save the world and universe. That she can get depressed from losing herself or those closest to her moving on with their lives. She likes things to remain comfortable and never change if she could help it. Kory from young was sent to train with a well skilled warlords and it is here that she first learnt about how to fight. Battling. Where it became a part of her. She had always dreamed it be for Tamaran as future queen. Though due to the revenge of her sister caused other things to happen. After the the harsh treatment she soon found herself in the third planet from the sun..

This was when she found her new home within the Teen titans. Where she found very tight bonds. She was new to the ways of earth which took some getting use to. with the help and guidance of her new friends helped Kory to really find a place she could really call home. Donna who was much like a sister always made to protect her from people that were out to get something from Kory whom was use to a very over joyous race, which just wasn't the case on earth so much. Her truest friend and closest bond is with Dick Grayson. A young robin whom she stole with the famous kiss, that sealed them in a connection that has been tested but not broken. Kory is very open and comfortable with who she is. Dick Grayson having described her as one of the most honest and positive thinking person he's ever known.

It is also to be noted that Kory does not regret her past. Kory lives for the present. She has one of the most tragic and harsh background where whom she was meant to have the most trust in betrayed her or let her down. Though Kory instead of revenge like her sister has been able to on some level forgive. Though to truly say it hasn't affected her would be a lie, but Kory is not the kind to admit there is anything wrong. Denial perhaps, but its just her warrior training mixed with her joyous nature. To see the positive. To live for the here and now. To survive. The entire time she was captured she had two choice either die or survive. She knew if she waited for her chance the moment would come. Which when it did she took it. She has also pointed out she never plans, she's just does it. This is down to her wearing her emotions on her sleeves. Instead of questioning her emotions she merely accepts them and embraces them. To not would mean to be ashamed of who she is, in her mind. Also no matter her strength and skill. Kory's bravery is hardly ever matched. In her training she was trained to fight to the end. To fight the final battle. Which is why Kory will usually avoid a battle unless provoked and necessary. Because she is trained to fight to the death.
The tamaranean beauty stands roughly 6' 4" extremely tall for a human female, but is common on her planet of Tamaran. Her body is well filled with muscles and curves. Kory can be seen usually showing them off. Whether in her Starfire attire which can leave not to much to the imagination, but that is pretty much the point. Kory is very open with her outgoing joyous personality and represents that in how she dresses. If she had it her way she would probably be naked more often, but considering the earth ways she has tamed that down, but it doesn't stop her from stretching the boundaries. Her Starfire outfit is much like a purple bathing suit and hides just the right places. Very tamaranean in style and Kory wouldn't change that. When she isn't flying around as the tamaranean princess. Kory is rather casual, but she has a feminine touch, although again tends to still show of her amazing body. Short shorts and a simple t'shirt is comfortable for her, but she was also a model so she can get a little more creative. Short well put together dresses. Frilly tops and tight jeans. etc.

Her hair is much like fire and is part reason she was given the name Starfire by her team mates. When she flies it leaves a trail behind. Her hair is very thick and healthy. It has been seen curly, wavy and straight, but the full body is always the same. It can also depend on her mood and whether she styled it. Usually whether she styled it her mood can still effect the outcome. Her eyes are straight green. A very bright green. No white or pupils. Although there is a hint of a shape of her pupil, but it is very faint. Her skin is a deep rich almost golden colour orange. Depending on the light its just very well made tan.
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