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World’s Finest is a DC Comic Rebirth Site, we take place after the events of Dark Night Metal but instead of having Batman and Tim Drake returning. The two never returned from their events which happened in their solo comic, with Bruce gone Gotham is now in the hands of the his few apprentices one being his son Damain Wayne. And with Tim vanishing the Titans the world knew has ceased to exist leaving chaos to file the streets of not only Gotham but for cities around the world. Here we are Earth 7 of Prime Earth, Prime Earth was formed by the temporal merging of the disparate DC, Vertigo and WildStorm universes.
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a.k.a Roy Harper Jr.
Played by Zac who is Offline
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Pronouns: He
Birthday: July 25
Type: Human/Bionic.
Series: DC Rebirth
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Roy Harper Jr. was only two years old when he lost his father, Roy Harper Sr. He was killed in a forest fire trying to rescue members of a Navajo reservation. The shaman of the group, Brave Bow, took in Roy as his own in gratitude of his father. After being recognized for his archery skills, Roy spent most of his time training becoming a very skillful archery.

Roy was soon taken under Green Arrow's wing, becoming his side kick and picking up the name Speedy. From him, Roy learned new techniques and skills that would blend with the ones he learned on the reservation. Along with learning how to act like a brash, bold, womanizer; just like Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow).

Things started to go down hill for Roy, at the age of seventeen for Roy. Ollie started to be come more interested in his love life with the Black Canary, turning Roy into a more reckless and apathetic sidekick. His attitude going in the same direction. He started failing his Senior in high school and even got into an argument with Ollie about. After barely graduating he resigned as Speedy. In other words, Ollie fired him.

Things didn't really turn to Roy's favor, jumping from job to job which didn't even pay well. He was staying in a low class apartment until starting back up in the hero business only after his long time friend, Richard Grayson, did so. Roy dropped the name Speedy and picked up Arsenal as he started doing things solo. It wasn't long after until he soon joined the Teen Titans.

Powers and Abilities
~Cybernetic enhancement as he had to get a prosthetic due to his right arm being torn off.

~Extremely adept at the use of a bow and arrow, along with a wide range of weaponry.
~Has the ability to take any object and use it as an effect weapon.
~Skilled in hand-to-hand and martial arts combat
~Good analytical and detective skills (when he feels like using them)
~High pain tolerance
~Free running/Acrobatics
~Expert Scout

Roy is a very cocky and arrogant person. He is the type of person that you either love him or hate him. There is no in between. He also has the need to be the center of attention.

Roy can be very full of himself when someone tells him he is wrong, though when he is actually wrong he goes in a state of withdrawal which may last for days at a time. He also has a tendency to "Act First, Think Later." Roy doesn't have a filter between his brain and his mouth. He usually says the first thing that comes to mind.

Despite having many faults, Roy is very loyal even though he isn't the most reliable. He also cares deeply for his friends. Something that he has to keep hidden to keep up his reputation as the resident bad boy.

~Dark red/brown mask made from compressible micro-fiber
~Protective suit that emits an electric pulse. (Dark red/brown hoodie, black pants, black shoes.




~Combat knife
~Custom arrows {Regular and trick)
~Customized re-curve bow.
~Quiver (used to carry his arrows)
~Motorcycle (used for patrolling)

Character Evolution
Started as just a young boy under the care of Green Arrow, now a grown man part of a team. He is slowly starting to become a better person and fighter, as he continues his journey with the Teen Titans.
Major Story Arcs
Teen Titans, The Outlaws, Young Justice

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