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World’s Finest is a DC Comic Rebirth Site, we take place after the events of Dark Night Metal but instead of having Batman and Tim Drake returning. The two never returned from their events which happened in their solo comic, with Bruce gone Gotham is now in the hands of the his few apprentices one being his son Damain Wayne. And with Tim vanishing the Titans the world knew has ceased to exist leaving chaos to file the streets of not only Gotham but for cities around the world. Here we are Earth 7 of Prime Earth, Prime Earth was formed by the temporal merging of the disparate DC, Vertigo and WildStorm universes.
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a.k.a Robin, Damian al Ghul, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Gray Son, Son of Batman, Son of the Demon
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Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Pronouns: He
Birthday: No Information
Type: No Information
Series: Robin Series
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Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of one of Batman's villains, Ra's al Ghul. Talia would become pregnant with him after a sexual encounter with Bruce, but would keep their son's existence from him for a decade. Instead of being birthed naturally, Damian was grown in a lab, with the intention that he would surpass his father. Shortly after his birth, Talia would leave Damian in the care of the League of Assassins so he could begin his training as an assassin. Years later, Talia reveals Damian's existence to his father and leaves him in Batman's custody in an effort to disrupt his work and get a step closer to her evil plan. Instead of shunning the boy, Bruce acknowledged his duties as a father, and accepted him into the Batman Family, which would eventually lead Damian to become the fifth and current Robin.

As Robin Damian has proved himself to not only to his father but also to himself that he was more than just the Leagues weapon, with the League of Assassin becoming thing in the past. Damien didn't expect for anything to worse, fighting crime alongside his father what more can a son ask for? But when the events of Dark Night metal happened his father had gone missing, many believed Bruce was dead all but Damien. How could the great Batman die so easily? He wouldn't believe it, after his long search for his father Damian came up with nothing. He unwillingly stopped the search for his father and instead made Gotham his focus, until his father returned he promised himself to keep his father city together.

But as months passed Gotham had started to notice the disappearance of the Dark Knight, a uproar of villains now appeared without Gotham aiming to take over. With so much chaos inside Gotham Damien had to resort into building the new Teen Titans, Gotham was to populated to handle alone. Deep down he knew he needed a team to handle the insane, so until his father returns he will continue to hold out on his promise. Gotham will be safe.

Powers and Abilities
Skilled Assassin/Fighter Damian is a skilled martial artist, has a keen intellect, is a skilled weapons user especially with a sword, escape artist and can mimic a person's voice all from his training in the League of Assassins. His voice mimicry is so good that he could fool the Bat Cave's voice recognition security system, copying Tim Drake's voice. Despite being the youngest Robin, Damian Wayne is one of the most skilled and has even given Jason Todd a good fight. He was trained by both the League of Assassins, Batman, and Talia al Ghul. He claimed that he knows "a thousand ways to kill a man." He has trained intensely from a very young age. He also claimed that he knows as many martial arts as Batman, though it may be due to his arrogant nature. In "Blackest Night" it is said that he is trained in every weapon known to man.

Healing Damian's mother Talia Al Ghul, anticipating that her highly trained and slightly insane son may be hurt in his adventures, has apparently cloned Damian. The clones are designed not to replace him, but to replace any vital organs or bones that may be irrecoverably damaged (depicted in Batman and Son). This in essence makes him immortal, as not only can he not die from wounds that WOULD kill him eventually, but every time he is healed in this manner, his NEW organs wont have the wear and tear of life on them, technically extending their life and effectiveness.

Detective As the son of the 'World's Greatest Detective' Batman, Damian must have been given some training in the arts of being a detective. Throughout his appearances Damian has shown some detective skills in the field whether that's with a partner or just on his own.

Stealth Damian is possibly the most silent of the Robins, due to his small nature and light body. He has proven to be able to sneak into the Bat Cave undetected by any of the Bat family whenever he wanted to. His training under the League had stressed stealth to be just as important as the death of their foes, placing it's importance very highly as a skill.

Business/Intellect His mother taught him how to not only completely take over and merge a business, but also to control a company. He is involved with Wayne Enterprises' board members. He was even able to track down financial irregularities with a keen eye. He is educated in forensics, criminology, and many more subjects

Damian is around pre-teen age. That's when normally a teenager at their rebellious state. He's a son that wants his father approval. He also feels the need to prove himself better than everyone. He was raised by the League Of Assasins. He never had a good guidance. He had every right of being an arrogant, spoiled, selfish brat. But during his time with the Batfamily, he learned to be his better self. Damian Wayne is a growing person. In time he will change to better. That's what most people can't see. He's learning. He is also a animal lover. Despite his ruthless and violence manners, Damian is kind towards animals. He have a cat named Alfred, A dog; Titus. He rescued and cared for Bat-Cow in the Bat-Cave. The Bat-Cave is basically his petting zoo. He's also a generous person. He just doesn't notice that yet. Atleast he's not mean to kids younger than him. He's the true heir to Wayne Enterprise. Batman's blood flows in him. He kills when he think it is only necessary.
Damian has a rectangular face with a defined, slightly pointed chin and a sturdy jaw line. His Green toned eyes are small and spaced evenly apart, sitting below trim eyebrows that seemed to curve as a natural extension of his broad, rounded nose. He kept his mouth closed in a thin, straight line, and his hair—naturally dark brown in color. As for appearance Damian is always in his Robin suit his suit is similar to that of past Robins. That includes the red top, along with green boots. He wears a hood, which separates him from the others. He also wears gauntlets like those of Batman and can be used for protection and as a weapon. He carries an utility belt which includes "birdarangs" (Batarangs), smoke pellets, tear gas, and most of the same weapons that the Bat-family is in possession of. Damian's uniform is resistant to bullets, shock, and fire.
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Major Story Arcs
Gotham Incorporated

Gotham heroes are dead all but one. The city is more corrupt than ever before, it took the likes of this one hero Damian Wayne to create a cause. He wants to create an international organization, just like how his father created Batman Inc. With this plan Damian will travel the world personally recruiting operatives to act as his global representatives. Since the departure of Heroes it seemed no one was willing to pick up the pieces. ! But true leadership is more than just calling the shots is Robin really up to the task? Or will the Team dismiss this diminutive dictator?

Update: Damian was able to recruit Miss Martian and his brother Red hood. But after being under the effects of Scarecrow Toxin it seems Damian is starting to have visions of his past life, the League of Assassins. Robin is smart enough to know when something is just an illusion but deep down he's starting to believe it. Damian is actually believing he may need the league in order to save Gotham.

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