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World’s Finest is a DC Comic Rebirth Site, we take place after the events of Dark Night Metal but instead of having Batman and Tim Drake returning. The two never returned from their events which happened in their solo comic, with Bruce gone Gotham is now in the hands of the his few apprentices one being his son Damain Wayne. And with Tim vanishing the Titans the world knew has ceased to exist leaving chaos to file the streets of not only Gotham but for cities around the world. Here we are Earth 7 of Prime Earth, Prime Earth was formed by the temporal merging of the disparate DC, Vertigo and WildStorm universes.
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1/12/18 Where now opened!

3/1/18 Come join the Fun!

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Alec Holland Members 22-February 18 4
aquila Admin 2-January 18 0
Arsenal Members 12-January 18 61
Azrael Members 26-February 18 0
Bane Members 27-January 18 0
Bim Admin 1-January 18 3
Black Canary Members 27-February 18 0
Blackfire Members 6-January 18 2
Blank Members 3-March 18 0
Calamity Members 31-January 18 16
Captain Cold Members 8-March 18 0
Captain Marvel Members 17-January 18 5
CaptainCold Members 23-February 18 0
Cassandra Cain Members 12-January 18 7
Cassie Sandsmark Admin 24-January 18 2
Catwoman Members 11-February 18 1
Conner Kent Members 4-January 18 0
Cyborg Members 8-January 18 61
Dark Knight Members 25-February 18 2
DatBoi Members 4-January 18 8
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